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I hoped that the bike I wanted would be __________.
a) affordable b) visible c) effective d) flustered
Cameron ________ me to come closer to tell me her secret.
a) beckoned b) contented c) mentioned d) trasferred
Each piece of candy in the box was ___________ wrapped.
a) individually b) ridiculously c) eagerly d) affordably
When the actor forgot her lines, she became ___________.
a) flustered b) affordable c) visible d) effective
Her shelves were covered with _______________.
a) clutter b) presentation c) emotion d) absence
The sky is dark because the moon is not ____________.
a) visible b) flustered c) affordable d) effective
What did Nicholas _________ that hurt Sandy's feelings?
a) remark b) inherit c) collaborate d) beckoned
April's ___________ was about her science fair project.
a) presentation b) clutter c) effort d) detail
Tamara ________ that the homework was due today.
a) mentioned b) beckoned c) transferred d) collaborated
We all agreed that her idea was an __________ solution.
a) effective b) affordable c) inherit d) absence
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