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__________________ is a collection of xylem.
a) wood b) roots c) plant d) soil
What is the outermost tissue of leaves, young roots, and young stems called?
a) epidermis b) blade c) leaf d) cuticle
Chloroplast is an example of a ______________________.
a) plastid b) plant c) tissue d) vein
What is the waxy substance secreted by the epidermis called?
a) cuticle b) skin c) stem d) epidermis
__________________ is the region to the outside of the xylem in a tree trunk.
a) bark b) phloem c) xylem d) cork
What is produced by cork cambium?
a) cork b) carbon c) leaves d) wood
What is caused by the presence of water inside plant cells?
a) turgor pressure b) fruit c) weight d) flower
Plants that have water-conducting tissue are called _____________________ plants.
a) vascular b) woody c) herbaceous d) nonvascular
Flowering plants are also known as what?
a) angiosperms b) fruit c) seeds d) gymnosperms
What plant has silica in its cell walls?
a) horsetail b) hornwort c) moss d) liverwort
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