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Which weather event usually includes heavy precipitation, strong winds, and surface air temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius?
a) blizzard b) hurricane c) thunderstorm d) tornado
The Sun appears larger than other stars because of its
a) yellow color b) high temperature c) distance from the Earth d) chemical composition
Which process must occur for clouds to form?
a) erosion b) conduction c) condensation d) precipitation
Which energy source is NONRENEWABLE?
a) oil b) moving water c) sunlight d) biomass
In order to survive, all organisms must have
a) chlorophyll b) carbon dioxide c) energy d) blood
Different species of carnivorous animals that share the same habitat in an ecosystem may
a) become decomposers b) compete for food c) produce their own food d) mate with each other
In which type of rock is the fossil imprint of a fern leaf most likely to be found?
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) volcanic
Which process is an example of a physical change?
a) wood burning b) iron rusting c) ice melting d) milk souring
All rocks are composed of
a) fossils b) cells c) metals d) minerals
A life cycle is best described as the
a) series of changes in the development of an organism b) movement of an organism from place to place c) ability of an organism to adapt to its environment d) flow of energy through an organism's community
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