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Which picture shows a lichen?
a) A b) D c) C d) B
What is the correct order of plants in primary succession?
a) lichens, grasses, shrubs, trees b) trees, shrubs, lichens, grasses c) grasses, lichens, shrubs, trees d) trees, shrubs, grasses, lichens
Which of the following ecological events would result in secondary succession?
a) A forest fire b) An avalanche c) A volcano errupting d) A glacier melting
Which plant listed below is a pioneer plant?
a) Grass b) Trees c) Lichens d) Weeds
Which condition allows an ecosystem to undergo secondary succession instead of primary succession?
a) The presence of soil b) The presence of bare rock c) The presences of nutrients in the ground water d) The presences of animals
Which of the following is not true about pioneer plants?
a) They make soil b) They increase the available nutrients in the ground c) They increase the carbon dioxide in the air d) They increase the nitrogen in the ground
What is the purpose of pioneer plants in succession?
a) To make more oxygen in the atmosphere. b) To excrete acid complex into the basic soil to make it more neutral. c) To decrease the number of pollutants in the soil. d) To make soil.
Put these pictures in order to show the succession in this lake
a) B,C,A,D b) B,A,C,D c) D,A,C,B d) A,C,D,B
Which of the following could cause primary succession?
a) a forest fire b) a lake drying up c) a volcanic eruption d) a farmer plowing the field
After a forest fire what kind of succesion would you see occur?
a) Primary b) none c) First primary then secondary d) Secondary
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