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Rock that forms when magma cools and solidifies
a) Igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) magma
Rock that forms from compressed or cemented layers of sediment
a) Igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) mineral
Rock that forms from other rocks as a result of intense heat, pressure, or chemical processes
a) Igneous b) Metamorphic c) Sedimentary d) Magnetic
If a metamorphic rock experiences weathering and erosion it will become
a) metamorphic b) sediment c) igneous d) metallic
A sedimentary rock under extreme heat and pressure will become
a) lighter in color b) sediment c) metamorphic d) igneous
When magma cools it becomes what type of rock
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d)
The two main types of weathering are
a) chemical and physical b) physical and educational c) ice and wind d) wind and gravity
Physical Weathering breaks rocks into smaller pieces but does not alter their chemical compositions.
a) True b) c) d) False
Erosion is the transport of weathered material
a) True b) c) d) False
Which of the following are agents of erosion
a) wind b) water and ice c) gravity d) all of the above
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