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A group of indivduals of the same species
a) population b) niche c) habitat d) community
Symbiosis where one species benefits and the other is not affected
a) mutalism b) marriage c) parasitism d) commensalism
The study of the relationship between and organism and its environment
a) economics b) ethics c) ecology d) eubonics
Symbiosis that is similar to predation
a) mutualism b) parasitism c) commensalism d) marriage
How an organism gets its food
a) trophism b) consumers c) trophies d) Food Lion
The boundary between land and sea, exposed to air at low tide
a) splash - spray zone b) intertidal zone c) benthic d) perlagic
organisms that take energy from the envrionment an make food
a) netric b) heterotrophs c) producers d) consumers
deep ocean zone
a) benthic b) pelagic c) haldal d) abyss
competition between different species
a) inter specific competition b) inter specific competition c) symbiosis d) photosynthesis
organisms that feed on autotrophs and heterotrops
a) autotrophs b) producers c) heterotrops d) tropics
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