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Very pleasant and agreeable to the senses, especially of taste or smell.
a) delicious b) batch c) nod d) sob
To regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval
a) nod b) admire c) peering d) batch
to cry or weep while taking quick breaths
a) admire b) sob c) sob d) batch
A a single, continuous movement that repeats in the same process
a) peering b) batch c) nod d) stroke
to decorate with needle work
a) embroider b) royal c) nod d) stroke
to quickly bend your head down and forward
a) stroke b) nod c) batch d) peering
to look at something as if searching
a) admire b) embroider c) peering d) royal
a person who receives and entertains guests: like at a party
a) delicious b) host c) admire d) host
when refering to a king or queen:
a) royal b) host c) nod d) batch
more than one of something at the same time
a) royal b) batch c) nod d) peering
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