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From the center of the Earth outward, what are the layers of Earth?
a) core - crust - mantle b) mantle - crust - core c) crust - mantle - core d) core - mantle - crust
The youngest rocks on the ocean floor are located _______.
a) near continents b) far from mid-ocean ridges c) at mid-ocean ridges d) near Asia
The oceanic crust is composed of dark igneous rocks called __________; whereas the upper continental crust has an average composition of a _________
a) granite / secondary b) shale / basaltic c) basalt / granitic d) limestone / metamorphic
The crust and upper mantle make up Earth\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s ____.
a) lithosphere b) core c) asthenosphere d) continents
Plates of the lithosphere float on the ____.
a) crust b) core c) asthenosphere d) mantle
The presence of the same _________ on several continents supports the hypothesis of continental drift.
a) fossils b) rocks c) neither d) both
Plates move apart at ___________ boundaries.
a) Divergent boundary b) convergent boundary c) Transform boundary d) Meitorn boundary
The hypothesis that continents have slowly moved to their current locations is called _______.
a) continental drift b) magnetic reversal c) continental slope d) convection
The result of plate movement can be seen at ____.
a) abyssal plains b) plate centers c) ocean margins d) plate boundaries
Plates slide past one another at ____.
a) subduction zones b) convection currents c) transform boundary d) normal fault
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