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behavior that is natural rather than learned
a) instinct b) aggression c) dominant d) tolerance
the willingness to accept the differences of others
a) humility b) selective c) tolerance d) subservience
not being proud
a) tundra b) humility c) subservience d) aggression
giving something your full attention
a) wary b) selective c) territory d) engrossed
choosing carefully
a) tolerance b) selective c) wary d) dominant
the state of being willing to yield to others' power
a) dominant b) wary c) subservience d) selective
more than enough; plenty
a) territory b) selective c) abundant d) wilderness
choosing carefully
a) selective b) wilderness c) wary d) instinct
an area of wild land where no people live
a) territory b) caribou c) tundra d) wilderness
an area inhabited by an animal or animal group and defended against intruders
a) tundra b) territory c) wilderness d) caribou
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