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proved genuine
a) pronounced b) drenched c) authenticated d) inexplicable
skillfully and quickly
a) deftly b) protruding c) contritely d) pronounced
in a way that is being sorry
a) deftly b) pronounced c) inexplicable d) contritely
cannot be explained
a) protruding b) inexplicable c) authenticated d) pronounced
imprisoned, jailed
a) incarcerated b) authenticated c) pronounced d) drenched
a steep cliff
a) pronounced b) delirious c) ventilation d) precipice
to make something completely wet
a) authenticated b) drenched c) pronounced d) incarcerated
to stick or jut out
a) delirious b) deftly c) protruding d) precipice
strongly marked; noticeable
a) pronounced b) drenched c) authenticated d) incarcerated
allowing fresh air in and getting the old, stale air out
a) delirious b) precipice c) inexplicable d) ventilation
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