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deserted or uninhabited
a) desolate b) forlorn c) paranoid d) refuge
ridiculous and absurd
a) engraved b) paranoid c) perseverance d) preposterous
having an extreme or irrational fear of someone or something
a) preposterous b) intensity c) paranoid d) concoctions
to keep on trying and do not give up, even if you are faced with obstacles or difficulties
a) perseverance b) evict c) refuge d) callused
exceptionally great concentration, power, or force
a) desolate b) intensity c) forlorn d) preposterous
to cut a design or letters into a metal, wood, or glass surface
a) evict b) concoctions c) callused d) engraved
protection or shelter from danger
a) refuge b) intensity c) callused d) preposterous
to force someone to move out of a home, building, or occupied land
a) engraved b) evict c) callused d) forlorn
sad or lonely
a) desolate b) paranoid c) forlorn d) preposterous
a creation made by mixing several different things together
a) concoctions b) intensity c) callused d) refuge
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