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Mendana named the first islands he found
a) Solomon Islands b) Marshall Islands c) Spice Islands d) Hawaiian Islands
Who was commissioned by the viceroy of Peru?
a) Alvaro de Mendana b) Louis Antoine de Bougainville c) Abel Tasman d) Pedro Fernandez de Quiros
What was the name of the tribe that Abel Tasman encountered?
a) Maoris b) Dona Isabel c) Cruz d) Marquesas
What country did Abel Tasman represent?
a) Netherlands b) Germany c) England d) Spain
Why did Bougainville go to the Falkland Islands?
a) To regain power and respect for France b) To get back at Britain c) To make Spain happy d) To see new adventure
Who were the scientists that Bougainville took with him?
a) Commerson and Veron b) Sydney and Botany c) Phillips and Jackson d) Cook and Baret
What island did the Enlightenment philosophers think proved their theories?
a) Tahiti b) Spice c) Solomon d) Hawaii
Who is the most famous explorer of the Pacific?
a) Cook b) Tasman c) Quiros d) Mendana
What is the low range of mountains in Australia called?
a) Great Dividing Range b) Southern Alps c) Great Australian Right d) Outback
What is the Great Barrier Reef known for?
a) Unusual marine life b) huge sharks c) coral reefs d) great vacation destination
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