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These are the three states of matter
a) solid, liquid, and gas b) air, water, and ice c) oxygen, rain, and plants d) Larry, Curly, and Moe
All matter
a) has a shape b) has mass and takes up space c) you can see and feel d) All of the choices
An example of a solid is
a) air b) water c) milk d) a desk
What is water in its solid state?
a) steam b) ice c) rain d) liquid
How are liquids and gases alike?
a) You can see both of them b) They both have a definite shape c) They both do not have a definite shape d) None of the choices
Everything in the world that has mass and takes up space is classified as
a) solid b) matter c) liquid d) gas
An example of a gas is
a) pizza b) steam c) juice d) ball
If you are describing what matter looks like, feels like, or smells like, you are naming
a) properties b) mass c) solids d) liquids
The state of matter that has a definite shape is
a) gas b) liquid c) solid d) mass
What matter fills up a balloon?
a) liquid b) gas c) solid d) all the choices
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