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Which is true about Earth\'s Atmosphere
a) It contains 78% Nitrogen b) It contains more than 5% trace gases c) Only Nitrogen and Oxygen are present d) It contains 18% Oxygen
The envelope of gases that surround Earth is
a) Atmosphere b) water vapor c) Weather d) Oxygen
Earth\'s Atmosphere contains non gases like
a) All answers are correct b) Chemical particles c) Dust particles d) Water vapor
As altitude increases air pressure
a) decreases b) increases then decreases c) stays the same d) increases
What instrument is used to measure air pressure
a) barometer b) hygrometer c) hydrometer d) thermometer
The result of the weight of a column of air pushing on an area is defined as
a) air pressure b) density c) atmosphere d) weather
Mercury barometer and ________ barometer are two common types of barometers
a) aneroid b) altitude c) aesthetic d) american
As altitude decreases density
a) increases b) cannot be measured c) stays the same d) decreases
Which statement is true about air pressure
a) it pushes in all directions b) never changes c) cannot be measured d) does not affect life on earth
A(n) _______ barometer uses a metal chamber to measure air pressure
a) aneroid b) metallic c) aesthetic d) mercury
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