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A groove created by water moving down the same path?
a) Channel b) Sheet Erosion c) Aquifer d) Geyser
Identify an example of a structure created by deposition
a) Cave b) Beach c) Cave d) Geyser
What is a layer of permeable rock that water flows through?
a) Water Table b) Aquifer c) Pore d) Impermeable
What forms as a result of the water table meeting Eart\'s surface?
a) Meander b) Groundwater c) Spring d) Aquifer
What is the land area that runoff from a river or stream collects in?
a) Drainage Basin b) Geyser c) Water Table d) Aquifer
Rocks or material that allow water to pass through are called...
a) impermeable b) repermeable c) unpermeable d) permeable
Sediment that is deposited as water empties into an ocean or lake is called a...
a) delta b) basin c) aquifer d) beach
The upper surface of the zone of saturation is called..
a) a water fountain b) a drainage basin c) a channel d) a water table
A hot spring that erupts periodically and shoots water and steam into the air is called a
a) fountain b) geyser c) spring d) volcano
Which scenario is most likely to create runoff
a) A light rain that doesn't last very long b) Rain on a flat piece of land c) A big rainstorm on the side of a hill d) A sunny day without a cloud in the sky
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