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Which of the following has the most gravity?
a) Earth b) Person c) Moon d) Sun
Which of these does not have a core?
a) Moon b) Apple c) Earth d) Sun
These are found on the Sun. They are the coolest parts of the sun.
a) Solar Energy b) Stars c) Sun Spots d) Solar Flare
This is the thinnest layer of the Earth.
a) Inner Core b) Crust c) Mantle d) Outer Core
This is the outermost layer of the sun
a) Corona b) Photosphere c) Core d) Radiation Zone
This layer helps protect the Earth.
a) Crust b) Atmosphere c) Inner Core d) Mantle
Which of these following has the least gravity?
a) Sun b) Earth c) All of the above d) Moon
Life exists on which of the following planets.
a) Jupiter b) Mercury c) Earth d) Mars
This layer of the Earth is made up of solid Nickel and Iron.
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
This layer is made up of liquid rocks and magma.
a) Crust b) Mantle c) Outer Core d) Inner Core
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