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What process did geologistsuse to determine that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old?
a) relative age dating b) superposition c) radiometric dating d) Miami Heat
Scientists used rocks from the _______ to determine the age of the Earth.
a) Sun b) Moon c) Mars d) outer space
What process helped form Earth's early atmosphere and the oceans?
a) outgassing b) red bed c) Tupac d) oxygen
Which of the following are small and contain no nuclei?
a) tigers b) plants c) Sponge Bob d) prokaryotic cells
The first evidence of multicellular animals comes from
a) oxygen b) outgassing c) eukaryotic algae d) volcanoes
The oxygen contained in the atmosphere comes mainly from
a) the ocean b) animal waste c) recycled material d) photosynthesis
What is the main difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells?
a) eukaryotic cells are smaller b) eukaryotic cells contain nuclei c) prokaryotic cells contain nuclei d) prokaryotic cells are larger
What era are we living in?
a) Mesozoic b) Paleozoic c) Quaternary d) Cenozoic
At the end of what eon did the first continent form?
a) Proterozoic b) Archean c) Cambrian d) Permian
Why was the earth so hot in its early days?
a) abundance of radioactive isotopes b) too many animals c) too much water d) the Sun was too close
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