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a solution that is mildly acidic would have a pH of
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 9
The label on a bottle says pH of 13. The substance is
a) neutral b) a strong acid c) mildly basic d) strongly basic
when an acid reacts with a base, the hydronium oions react with hydorixide ion to form
a) a salt b) a stronger acid c) a weaker base d) water
when a solutio of an acids reacts with a solution of a base, the pH of the resulting solution depends on
a) the amount of acid and base used b) concentration of base c) temperature d) concentration of base
what is a salt
a) a soltuion that contains a strong acid b) an ionic compound that does not contain oxide or hydroxide anions c) a substance formed by mixing two strong acids d) a solution that contains more anions than cations and is strongly acidic
soap making is a reaction between compounds found in animal fats or vegetable oils and
a) glycerol b) hydrocarbon chains c) hydroxide d) sodium chloride
which is a neutralization reaction
a) NaOH -> Na + OH b) HNO3 + H2O -> H3O + NO3 c) 2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O d) H3O + OH -> 2H2O
Which are the spectator ions H3O + Br + K + OH -> k + Br + 2H2O
a) H3O and K b) Br and OH c) Br and K d) H3O and OH
a base forms which ions when in solution
a) oxygen b) hydroxide c) hydronium d) hydrogen
what does pH measure
a) concentration of H3O ions b) molarity of solute c) concentration of metal ions d) solubility of solute
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