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The sun is a __, a huge ball of very hot gases.
a) galaxy b) planet c) constellation d) star
The imaginary line that passes through Earth's poles is Earth's __
a) axel b) axis c) universe d) pole
Everything that exists, including planets, stars, dust, and gases, is the __.
a) solar system b) galaxy c) universe d) planet
The gravitational force of a star holds a __ in orbit around it.
a) galaxy b) planet c) constellation d) star
A __ contains a group of stars, gas, and dust.
a) solar system b) universe c) galaxy d) constellation
A __ is made up of a star and all the planets and other objects that revolve around it.
a) solar system b) galaxy c) universe d) constellation
How are earth and the moon alike?
a) Both have liquid water. b) Both have satellites. c) Both are rocky and dense. d) Both have a thick atmosphere.
Which of these is the basis for timekeeping on earth?
a) hemisphers b) satellites c) time zones d) distance from the sun
Which of these occurs when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) Earth has its winter equinox. b) The Southern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. c) The sun's rays strike the Northern Hemisphere directly. d) Earth's equator experiences three months of darkness.
Which is a true statement about the planets in our solar system?
a) Only earth has liquid water. b) The inner planets are made of frozen gases. c) The outer planets are located in an asteroid belt. d) Neptune is the only outer planet that is small and rocky.
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