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the hard disk drive that stores data in your computer
a) disk drive b) hard drive c) modem d) flash drive
an electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data and produces a result
a) monitor b) modem c) hard drive d) computer
a computer display area that represents the top of you desk. YOu can customize it to look the way you want.
a) monitor b) desktop c) cursor d) mouse
a small portable mamory card that plugs into the computers USB port. Allows data to be easily transferred from one computer to another
a) modem b) cursor c) flashdrive d) compact disc
a flashing symbol on the monitor that shows where the information you will enter will appear
a) cursor b) modem c) mouse d) keyboard
a hand held device used to move or select things on the desktop
a) flashdrive b) modem c) mouse d) keyboard
raised keys which allow a person to enter information or data
a) mouse b) keyboard c) monitor d) computer
a piece of hardware that links your computer to other computers through telephone and cable lines. Gives you access to the internet.
a) hard drive b) computer c) monitor d) moden
stores data in small notches on the disk and is read by a laser from the optical drive
a) compact disc b) hard drive c) flash drive d) modem
a piece of hardware that displays text and graphics from a computer
a) desktop b) computer c) monitor d) printer
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