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Ancient Egyptian civilization is
a) about 1,000 years old b) 2,000 years old c) 3,000 years old d) 5, 000 years old
Egyptian society had upper, middle and lower ____________
a) kingdoms b) classes c) rulers d) invaders
The rulers of ancient Egypt were called _________
a) pharaohs b) emperors c) mummies d) invaders
For mummies of pharaohs, the Egyptians built large tombs called _________
a) coffins b) palaces c) pyramids d) temples
Who was the first woman to rule Egypt?
a) Khufu b) Cyrus c) Darius d) Hatshepsut
What is the name of Egptian writing?
a) Nubian Art b) Persian wall carvings c) Egyptian Heiroglyphics d) Cuneiform
What land did Egypt rule for about 1,000 years?
a) Nubia b) Persia c) China d) Perseplois
What were the names of the time periods of Egyptians kingdoms?
a) Old, Middle and New Kingdoms b) First, Second and Thrid Kingdoms c) Alpha, Omega and Gamma Kingdoms d) Larry, Curly and Mo Kingdoms
What did the Egyptians build?
a) skyscrapers b) towers c) pyramids d) airplanes
What are some things that the Egyptians are known for studying?
a) math, science and medicine b) english, french and spanish c) science, chinese, medicine d) math, science and Latin
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