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Of the following, which organ does food NOT pass through?
a) Pancreas b) Stomach c) Small Intestine d) Esophagus
The mouth and tongue are responsible for what type of digestion?
a) Chemical b) Mineral c) Mechanical d) None of the Above
What is the function of the digestive system?
a) To Filter the blood of wastes b) To send messages to the brain c) To break down large molecules in food into smaller molecules d) to move bones
Wave of muscle contractions that moves food along the digestive system
a) Saliva b) Peristalsis c) Esophagus d) Pancreas
Food passes down this muscular tube from the mouth to the stomach
a) Rectum b) Liver c) Pancreas d) Esophagus
Watery substance produced by gland in the mouth
a) Saliva b) Peristalsis c) Esophagus d) Pancreas
Produces enzymes and insulin
a) Esophagus b) Pancreas c) Liver d) Rectum
End of the large intestines that stores solid wastes
a) Esophagus b) Pancreas c) Rectum d) Liver
Produces Bile
a) Pancreas b) Liver c) Esophagus d) Rectum
How does the muscular system interact with the digestive system?
a) Cardiac muscle pumps blood to the kidney b) Smooth muscle moves food through the digestive tract c) Skeletal muscle around the ribs work to help the lungs inhale. d) Skeletal muscle absorbs oxygen delivery by the bloodstream
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