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Held an Earth-centered view of the Universe
a) Galileo b) Copernicus c) Ptolemy d) Brahe
Proved that galaxies exist beyond the Milky Way
a) Brahe b) Ptolemy c) Hubble d) Galileo
First to use a telescope as a scientific instrament
a) Galileo b) Hubble c) Ptolemy d) Brahe
Held a Sun-centered view of the universe
a) Brahe b) Galileo c) Ptolemy d) Copernicus
Believe the Moon and the Sun revolved around the Earth, and the rest of the planets revolved around the Sun
a) Galileo b) Copernicus c) Brahe d) Ptolemy
Three laws of planetary motion
a) Hubble b) Ptolemy c) Brahe d) Kepler
Discovered four of Jupiter's moons
a) Galileo b) Hubble c) Brahe d) Copernicus
Showed that gravity keeps the planets in orbit
a) Brahe b) Copernicus c) Hubble d) Newton
His data was used by Kepler
a) Copernicus b) Brahe c) Hubble d) Ptolemy
Discovered the planets had elliptical orbits
a) Kepler b) Hubble c) Galileo d) Copernicus
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