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What tool can scientists use to measure volume?
a) Microscope b) Telescope c) Graduated Cylinder d) Thermometer
Ice floats in water becasue it is?
a) Heavier b) Lighter c) Made of Wood d) Less Dense
We measure mass in what units?
a) Millimeters b) Centimeters c) Grams d) Degrees
Mass times Gravity gives us somethings?
a) Density b) Volume c) Temperature d) Weight
This type of matter has a definate shape and volume.
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Plasma
The two things you need to calculate density are?
a) Length and Width b) Mass and Length c) Mass and Volume d) Martin and Lewis
This type of matter has no definate shape but a definate volume.
a) Solid b) Liquid c) Gas d) Plasma
A cube with a density of 1.23 g/ml will?
a) Float b) Sink c) Shrink d) Expand
What is the density of a rock that has a mass of 6 g and a volume of 3ml?
a) .5 g/ml b) 1 g/ml c) 2 g/ml d) 12 g/ml
What is the density of a block that has a mass of 6 g and and is measured to be 1cm X 1cm X 3cm?
a) 1 g/cm3 b) 2 g/cm3 c) 6 g/cm3 d) 12 g/cm3
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