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A significant statement that a story makes about society, human nature, or the human condition is the
a) suspense b) style c) climax d) theme
The use of body movement, gestures, and facial expressions is
a) verbal communication b) character motivation c) non-verbal communication d) speaking habits
The painted pieces of a stage that suggest location, time period, or the setting of the play are the
a) scenery b) costumes c) make-up d) lighting
In a play, the introduction of the main characters and setting can be found in the
a) climax b) denouement c) conclusion d) exposition
In character analysis, the goal that a character has in a scene or "what the character wants" is known as the
a) objective b) tactic c) empathy d) obstacle
If you know how to run a mixer board and enjoy creating music and special effects, you might volunteer to do the ______________________ for a play.
a) lighting b) costumes c) sound d) scenery
In character analysis, the "strategy" or the way a character obtains his/her goal is known as the
a) obstacle b) objective c) tactic d) empathy
Gobos, color gels, and a vivid imagination are needed to create effective ____________________ for a play.
a) scenery b) lighting c) sound d) costumes
Diction, rate, volume, articulation, and inflection make up one's
a) vocal expression b) gestures c) blocking d) non-verbal communication
The turning point of the play where characters change is the
a) denouement b) climax c) conclusion d) exposition
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