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State constitutions limited the power of the
a) Governor b) Legislature c) People d) President
What type of legislatures did most states establish?
a) Multi-house b) Bicameral c) Single-house d) Monarchy
A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called a
a) Monarchy b) Theocracy c) Kingdom d) Republic
What was America's first constitution called?
a) Articles of Confederation b) Articles of Rights c) Bill of Rights d) New Jersey Plan
How many states had to approve the Articles of Confederation?
a) 3 states b) 7 states c) 9 states d) 13 states
How many states did Congress need to pass a law?
a) 3 states b) 7 states c) 9 states d) 13 states
When a territory reached 60,000 people, they could apply for
a) money b) a government c) a constitution d) statehood
_________ was a 5% tax on imports to pay the national debt.
a) Robert's Tax b) New Jersey Tax c) Virginia Tax d) John's Tax
A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases is called
a) Inflation b) Depreciate c) Depression d) A slowdown
A movement of angry farmers
a) Shay's Rebellion b) Constitution Convention c) Northwest Territory d) Ordinance of 1785
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