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Energy is the ability to--
a) do work b) eat c) fly d) conserve energy
All of the following are forms of energy EXCEPT --
a) inertia b) thermal c) light d) sound
Almost all energy originates from --
a) the sun b) a fire c) the moon d) a factory
Without energy from the sun, there would be no --
a) life on Earth b) rocks and dirt c) stars and planets d) water and oxygen
Anything moving has
a) energy b) wheels c) an engine d) wings
Energy from the sun is called --
a) solar energy b) magnetic energy c) nuclear energy d) sound energy
Plants use energy from the sun to make --
a) food b) water c) soil d) leaves
Which of the following is an example of light energy?
a) the sun b) energy in food c) heat from an oven d) a magnet
Which of the following changes electrical energy into sound energy?
a) a magnet b) the sun c) a radio d) a fire
Chemical energy is stored in all of the following EXCEPT --
a) lava b) food c) fuels d) batteries
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