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What is the name of the mammalian respiratory organ?
a) lungs b) gills c) spiracles d) tracheal tubes
What large muscle aids in mammal breathing?
a) lungs b) diaphragm c) costals d) abdominal muscles
How many chambers are in the mammalian heart?
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 1
What chemicals do mammals use to regulate body activities?
a) hormones b) urea c) blood d) glucose
What describes a mammal's ability to keep their bodies warm in cool temperatures?
a) marsupial b) placental c) ectothermic d) endothermic
What characteristic distinguishes marsupials from other mammals?
a) a pouch b) a placenta c) eggs d) hair
Which is the only group of mammals that lays eggs?
a) marsupials b) primates c) placental mammals d) monotremes
Which is not a mammalian characteristic?
a) opposable thumbs b) endothermic c) hair d) mammary glands
Mammals that give birth to live young that are mature are called...
a) marsupials b) placental c) monotremes d) primates
Mammals that give live birth to underdeveloped young are...
a) marsupials b) placental c) monotremes d) primates
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