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I read __________ word in my book.
a) from b) into c) every d) your
This book is ____________ my dad.
a) every b) from c) there d) so
Put your lunch ____________ the box.
a) people b) more c) how d) into
We will go to lunch ______________.
a) soon b) from c) your d) every
Is this _______________ book?
a) more b) your c) funny d) call
The _____________ will go on the bus.
a) people b) more c) every d) how
I will _________ my mom.
a) call b) into c) your d) there
This book has __________ pictures!
a) soon b) there c) funny d) every
Look at the frog over ___________!
a) there b) more c) people d) how
________ do you make a cake?
a) Soon b) Your c) How d) Into
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