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Fine Art Exam Sem 1 Part A: Question Preview (ID: 5035)

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What complementary colors did Henri Matisse use in The Red Room?
a) Red and Green b) Blue and Red c) Orange and Green d) Yellow and Orange  
How did Pieter Brueghel the Elder use the principles of design in Return of the Hunters?
a) He created radial balance through the placement of the trees. b) He created emphasis by placing the most important subject in the center c) He created unity by using similar colors throughout the entire composition. d) He created contrast by placing pale colors next to one another.  
What is aesthetics?
a) asking questions about a work of art from a historical perspective b) exploring fundamental questions such as what is art c) determining how an artwork is organized, using the principles of design as a guide d) describing a work of art based on its period, civilization, and style  
In which step of the critical analysis process would you discuss what you think Velázquez intended to convey in Las Meninas?
a) interpretation b) evaluation c) description d) analysis  
Which statement best describes how Egyptian art and architecture reflects beliefs of the time?
a) Art and architecture focused on the important role that laborers and craftsmen played in Egyptian ci b) Art and architecture featured many kinds of animals to show their importance in Egyptian civilizatio c) Art and architecture commemorated military heroes, reflecting their high status in Egyptian society. d) Art and architecture glorified Egyptian royalty and gods to reflect their importance in society  
What technique did German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer use to create this highly detailed image?
a) embossing b) drypoint c) engraving d) lithography  
Which of the following conventions did Egyptian artists use in tomb sculptures?
a) forms with no projecting parts that could break b) lifelike proportion and anatomy c) dramatic facial expression and emotion d) lively poses that entertained the pharaoh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  
What type of relief sculpture did Mesopotamian artists create?
a) sunken relief b) low relief that depicts figures with overstated muscles c) high relief d) realistic relief  
Which of the following statements describes Mesopotamian architecture?
a) Building walls contain images that depict scenes of everyday life b) It contains painted images on the surface of sun-dried mud bricks c) The walls of important buildings are constructed from marble blocks d) Important buildings are surfaced with glazed and baked mud bricks.  
Which statement is true about the Egyptian Book of the Dead?
a) It depicted figures with true-to-life scale, regardless of their status b) It contains images and stories about the lives of Egyptian tomb builders c) It depicted figures with body parts in their most recognizable position. d) It told stories of the life and accomplishments of deceased pharaohs.  

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