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which one is not a lab safety rule?
a) point a test tube at another student when heating b) tie back long hair c) instruct the teacher of injury d) no eating or drinking
why do we tie back long hair in the lab?
a) it looks pretty tied back b) it can get in the way c) it is too long for a scientist d) to keep it healthy
what is the scientific method used for
a) to make guesses b) to make an experiment c) to find the answer to a problem or question d) to make you do homework for science
what is not a step of the scientific method?
a) create an experiment b) make a conclusion c) identify a problem d) get the answers to your experiment
what is a variable
a) the part of the experiment that changes b) the part of the experiment that stays the same c) the entire experiment d) it is not part of the experiment at all
what describes the steps you are going to use during your experment
a) hypothesis b) procedure c) scientific method d) conclusion
data is put into tables and ...
a) tables b) charts c) lines d) graphs
what is the formula for finding the volume of a cube?
a) l X h b) l X w X h c) h X w d) h X h
where do you read a meniscus from
a) the side b) the top c) the curve at the bottom d) the bottom of the container
what does a graduated cylinder measure?
a) weight b) mass c) height d) volume
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