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This is an organized group of employees who negotiate with employers about issues such as wages.
a) Labor union b) Workforce c) Team d) Employees
This removes work from one company and sends it to another company that can compete at a lower cost.
a) Promotion b) Transfer c) Outsourcing d) Downsizing
What is the advancement of an employee to a position of greater responsibility?
a) Transfer b) Promotion c) Benefits d) Compensation
This is the inclusion of people with differences in personal characteristics and attributes.
a) Diversity b) Glass ceiling c) Outsourcing d) Labor union
What is the name for the amount of money paid to an employee for work performed?
a) Benefits b) Salary and wages c) Promotion d) Compensation
All the people 16 years old and older who are working or are looking for work belong to this.
a) Labor union b) Working people c) Workforce d) Cool people group
The assignment of an employee to another job in the company with a similar level of responsibility is called this.
a) Transfer b) Outsourcing c) Termination d) Downsizing
This is compensation in forms other than direct payments for work.
a) Salary and wages b) Payments c) Benefits d) Compensation
This is direct payments made to an employee for work completed.
a) Salary and wages b) Payments c) Benefits d) Compensation
This is an artificial limit placed on minority groups moving into positions of higher responsibility
a) Ceiling b) Blocked ceiling c) Roof d) Glass ceiling
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