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This is used to manage data that is organized into lists, such as information about customer, products, vendors, employees, projects, or sales.
a) Relational database b) Template c) Record d) Edit Mode
This is a set of Access rules that govern data entry, helps ensure data accuracy.
a) Relational database b) Referential Integrity c) Template d) Primary key field
This is a field added to the many table to help establish
a) Primary key field b) Objects c) Field names d) Foreign key field
This is a record in the
a) Foreign key field b) Objects c) Orphan record d) Record
This contains data that uniquely identifies each record
a) Orphan record b) Primary key field c) Data type d) Foreign key field
This determines what kind of data can be entered into a field; such as a number, text, or dates.
a) Data type b) Auto Number c) Field names d) Objects
This is a sample database provided within the Access program, so you don't have to start from scratch.
a) Tables b) Record c) Calendar Picker d) Template
This is the fundamental building block of relational databases because they store all the data.
a) Field Names b) Objects c) Tables d) Template
These are listed at the top of each column.
a) Record b) Field names c) Objects d) Edit record
This is a group of related fields that describe a person, place, or thing.
a) Record b) Tables c) Objects d) Field Names
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