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Anna _____ out the window and saw a bee flying.
a) glanced b) longed c) comfort d) prescription
It gives me great _______ when I drink hot chocolate.
a) comfort b) glanced c) contagious d) attention
Dr. Goodlow wrote a _____ for some medicine for my stomach ache.
a) prescription b) attention c) comfort d) plans
During the hot summer, we _____ for winter.
a) longed b) attention c) comfort d) contagious
The nurse told the sick girl to stay home because she might be _____.
a) contagious b) comfort c) sick d) glanced
Do not pay any _______ to what is happening outside the classroom.
a) attention b) comfort c) glanced d) prescription
The surprise dinner was ________ by my Grandma.
a) unexpected b) attention c) comfort d) contagious
What is the opposite of longed?
a) didn't really want b) to fall c) wanted very much d) short
What is the opposite of glanced
a) to stare or look for a long time b) to sit c) to stand d) to take a quick look
What is the opposite of unexpected?
a) to know something is happening b) surprised c) last d) first
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