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____________ finished, aren't you?
a) Your b) Yore c) Yor d) You're
_____________ amateurs compared to us.
a) Their b) They're c) There d) Thier
His fastball went _________ the fence!
a) thorough b) threw c) through d) thru
Give me a _________!
a) brake b) breke c) break d) breke
I will try my best ____________ of how I fell.
a) irregardless b) respective c) respectiveless d) irrespective
____________ is the house that belongs to them
a) Their b) They're c) There d) Thier
__________ writing is improving.
a) Your b) Yore c) Yor d) You're
_____ impossible to win.
a) Its' b) It c) It's d) Its
_______, I didn't _______ the answer.
a) No / no b) Know / no c) Know / know d) No, know
__________ never going to win _________ freedom.
a) There / they're b) Their / there c) They're / their d) Their / their
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