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Name the standard claim form submitted by physician offices to third -party payers
a) CMS-1500 b) UB-04 1500 c) UB-04 d) CCM-1500
The largest section in the CPT manual is:
a) Male/Female Reproductive System b) Anesthesia c) Surgery d) Evaluation & Management
CPT Modifiers :
a) are 3 digit numeric codes. b) clarify services and procedures performed. c) are 2 character alphabetic and alphanumeric codes. d) Change the procedure totally
The following services are included in the Surgical Package:
a) Immediate post-op care (including dictating op reports and talking with the family and other physici b) One related E/M service following the decision for surgery and a H&P prior to the procedure. c) Typical post-op follow-up care. d) All of the above.
The Global Surgical Package:
a) Includes a period of 0-90 days for all services. b) Is 90 days for major surgery. c) Includes the surgical procedure, pre-op, intra-op, and post-op services. d) Is used world wide.
The digestive system begins at the _____and extends to the ______.
a) Esophagus, Anus b) Mouth, Anus c) Pharynx, Anus d) Stomach, rectum
The upper digestive system includes:
a) Mouth, pharynx, esophagus, and stomach. b) Mouth, duodenum, stomach, ileum. c) Ileum, Stomach, Duodenum, and Thorax d) Thorax, Ileum, Duodenum, and Jejunum.
Codes 46020-46999 are reported for procedures performed on the :
a) Rectum b) Ileum c) Anus d) prostate
Code________ isused to report the introduction of a Miller-Abbott GI tube to clear a stricture.
a) 44500 b) 44680 c) 44800 d) 44899
Report code_________for laparoscopic appendectomy for acute appendicitis.
a) 44970 b) 44955-51 c) 44700 d) 44602
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