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Lianas are found in this biome with their roots in the ground, but climbing high to reach available sunlight.
a) rainforest b) taiga c) tundra d) grasslands
The saguaro cactus is found in this biome.
a) tundra b) desert c) wetlands d) temperate deciduous forest
This biome is found at the North Pole.
a) taiga b) wetlands c) tundra d) grasslands
In this biome, evergreen trees are common.
a) taiga b) tundra c) temperate deciduous forest d) grasslands
This biome has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall
a) wetlands b) rainforest c) desert d) temperate decisuous forest
This biome is found on every continent except Antarctica.
a) desert b) grasslands c) taiga d) rainforest
The bearded pig lives in this biome in Malaysia
a) rainforest b) desert c) grasslands d) temperate deciduous forest
There are several varieties of this biome - HOT and COLD.
a) taiga b) tundra c) desert d) grasslands
In order to survive in this biome, some animals have adapted by growing thick fur that turns white in winter.
a) tundra b) taiga c) rainforest d) desert
In this biome, leaves turn colors in the autumn, before falling from the trees.
a) grasslands b) rainforest c) desert d) temperate deciduous rainforest
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