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The part of the map that explains the symbols used on the map is called a(n)?
a) Compass Rose b) Key c) Index d) Scale
A map's ___________ tells you how to measure distances on a map.
a) Compass Rose b) Key c) Index d) Scale
Lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole are called meridians of ___________.
a) Latitude b) Longitude c) Elevation d) Parallels
Lines that run east and west round the earth measure distance north and south are called parallels of __________.
a) Latitude b) Longitude c) Elevation d) Parallels
What is the 0 degree line of longitude called?
a) Parallels b) Equator c) Meridian d) Prime Meridian
What is the 0 degree line of latitude called?
a) Parallel b) Prime Meridian c) Meridian d) Equator
In the hemisphere that is tilted toward he sun during the Earth's revolution the season is ________.
a) Fall b) Spring c) Winter d) Summer
What direction would you be going if you were standing at the north pole and took a step in any direction?
a) North b) South c) East d) West
The International Date Line is located at _________.
a) 0 degrees Longitude b) 180 degrees Longitude c) 0 degrees Latitude d) 180 degrees Latitude
Which of these is correct?
a) Four states border California b) Eight states border California c) Three states border california d) Two states border california
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