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involuntary muscles contract, push food towards stomach
a) stomach b) peristalsis c) enyzme d) saliva
fluid released when you eat
a) saliva b) mucus c) pepsin d) acid
digestion in which food torn, ground into smaller pieces
a) chemical b) enzyme c) mechanical d) none of the above
protein speeds up chemical reactions
a) pepsin b) enzymes c) bile d) acid
thick slippery substance produced by body makes food move easily
a) saliva b) mucus c) pepsin d) acid
nutrients released pass through digestive system into blood
a) digestion b) absorption c) enzyme d) refraction
muscular tube connecting mouth to stomach
a) epiglottis b) stomach c) enzyme d) esophogus
body breaks down food into smaller nutrient molecules
a) absorption b) epilgottis c) digestion d) stomach
flap tissue seals windpie prevents food from entering lungs
a) stomach b) mucus c) epilogttis d) peristalsis
place where digestion occurs
a) stomach b) liver c) lungs d) mouth
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