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A rock is always:
a) made of molten material b) very dense c) formed by heat and pressure d) made of one or more minerals
The crystals that form in slowly cooling magma are:
a) Tiny b) large c) square d) fine-grained
Magma from deep inside the earth rises toward the surface because:
a) It is denser than the surrounding solid rock b) Gravity does not effect magma c) it is less dense than the surrounding solid rock d) it is the same density as surrounding solid rock
Are all volcanic eruptions the same?
a) no, because volcanoes can range from mild fissure volcanoes to very violent b) no, because sometimes the magma can\'t push through the crust c) yes, because they all create igneous rock d) yes, because they all have hot lava from deep inside earth
The movement of weathered material is called:
a) earthquakes b) uplifting c) convection d) erosion
The uneven heating of the mantle causes ________________ currents.
a) compaction b) convection c) cold d) warm
Pressure from upper layers pushing sediments together is called:
a) compaction b) convection c) erosion d) dense
Lava and ____________can cool to become igneous rocks
a) sediments b) magma c) d)
Weathering and erosion can break rocks into smaller pieces called:
a) sand b) pieces c) sediments d) smaller rocks
If you broke a rock to observe if it had a smooth or rough edge, you would be testing for:
a) cleavage or fracture b) hardness c) luster d) streak
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