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a) knowing in advance; foreseeing b) move away c) going away d) to take back
a) move away b) unreasonable c) to sing loudly d) having fun
a) open minded b) a measure of how good something is c) being hungry d) without knowledge
a) being hungry b) a lack of clothes c) unable to stop d) something that causes great loss and suffering
a) to move away from each other b) feeling lovely c) a farm d) to burn
a) run away b) hop up on c) destroy completely d) to join
a) to join b) be hungry; go without food c) to guide d) feeling sick
a) the internal parts of something b) weak c) behavior d) slow
a) thin b) to burn c) nourishment d) to join
a) old age b) behavior c) affraid of d) close to
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