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What type of reproduction requires 2 parents?
a) Sexual b) Asexual c) d)
What type of reproduction requires only one parent to produce offspring?
a) Sexual b) Asexual c) d)
As a cell grows...
a) the volume and surface area grow at equal rates b) the surface area increases faster than the volume c) the volume increases faster than the surface area d) none of these
Cells divide because as they grow
a) they place more demand on the DNA b) they use up supplies more quickly c) they have trouble moving supplies across the membrane d) all of these
The process by which a cell divides into 2 new daughter cells is called
a) cell division b) fertilization c) pollination d) metaphase
During this phase, the cell grows.
a) S b) G1 c) G2 d) M
During this phase, DNA replicates.
a) S b) G1 c) G2 d) M
The actual division of the cell occurs during this phase.
a) S b) G1 c) G2 d) M
The cell prepares for division and makes organelles during this phase.
a) S b) G1 c) G2 d) M
Chromosomes are found where in the cell?
a) nucleus b) chloroplast c) mitochondria d) ribosomes
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