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This term means the parts of a people\'s environment that they have shaped
a) cultural landscape b) technology c) social structure d) extended family
This term is a custom or organization with social, educational, or religious purposes
a) institution b) nuclear family c) cultural landscape d) acculturation
This term is a pattern of organized relationships among groups of people within a society.
a) social structure b) institution c) acculturation d) extended family
This term is a family that includes several generations
a) extended family b) cultural landscape c) social structure d) nuclear family
This term means the movement of customs and ideas.
a) cultural diffusion b) technology c) cultural landscape d) acculturation
Scientists think that this went through four major advances.
a) early civilization b) social class c) society d) culture
This term is a group of people who share a culture.
a) society b) culture. c) acculturation d) civilization
This is an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing.
a) civilization b) acculturation c) culture d) society
This is what it is called in industrial nations when parents and their children live together.
a) nuclear family b) culture c) society d) extended family
This is the term for when one country changes ideas or customs borrowed from another.
a) acculturation b) social class c) society d) civilization
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