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Who used stick charts as navigational tools when exploring islands in the Pacific?
a) Phoenecians b) Polynesians c) Chinese d) Vikings
Who was incharge of the US Exploring Expedition which reached Antarctica?
a) James Cook b) Charles Darwin c) Charles Thomson d) Charles Wilkes
US Navy Commander who is known as the Father of Physical Oceanography?
a) Alexander Agassiz b) William Beebe c) Matthew Maury d) Charles Wilkes
Who led the Challenger Expedition which spent 4 years studying the ocean?
a) Charles Darwin b) James and John Ross c) Charles Thomson d) Fridtjof Nansen
Who was the first to circumnavigate the globe?
a) James Cook b) Charles Darwin c) Ferdinand Magellan d) Vasco da Gama
Who sailed aboard the Fram which study ice flows in the Artic Ocean?
a) Erik the Red b) Leif Erikkson c) Bjarni Herjolfsson d) Fridtjof Nansen
Who discovered Greenland in 981?
a) Eric the Red "Thorvaldson" b) Leif Eriksson c) James Ross d) Fridtjof Nansen
Who led an expedition to the Arctic and located the magnetic north pole?
a) James Cook b) James Ross c) John Harrison d) Fridtjof Nansen
Who sailed aboard the Beagle and theorized how coral reefs form around islands?
a) James Cook b) Charles Darwin c) Charles Thomson d) Charles Wilkes
Which was the first research vessel headed by Alexander Agassiz?
a) Albatross b) Beagle c) HMS Challenger d) Fram
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