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The Silk Road was located on which continent?
a) Asia b) Africa c) South America d) Europe
What was the religion of Arab traders?
a) Catholic b) Lutheran c) Judaism d) Islam
Where did the Renaissance begin?
a) Songhai b) Italy c) China d) England
What does Renaissance mean?
a) relearn b) reread c) rebirth d) relive
Johann Gutenberg invented the
a) magnetic compass b) printing press c) astrolabe d) telephone
Why did China build a huge fleet of ships?
a) to increase trade b) to start war c) to start a luxury cruise business d) to help with fishing
What is a tool used by sailors to determine their direction at sea?
a) navigation b) astrolabe c) magnetic compass d) magnetic sea direction thingybob
Traders traveled across the Sahara Desert in
a) astrolabes b) ships c) sagas d) caravans
Slaves were taken from
a) Africa b) Canada c) Italy d) England
The period of time that marked a desire to learn more about the world is called the
a) Saga b) Renaissance c) Slave Trade d) Pilgrimage
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