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All green plants that make their own food are ________.
a) compounds b) producers c) molecules d) consumers
Of the following, which is NOT a product of cellular respiration?
a) Energy b) Water c) Carbon dioxide d) Oxygen
Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is correct?
a) The energy from sunlight is used to make a sugar from carbon dioxide and water. b) One type of photosynthesis is fermentation. c) Producers change chemical energy into light energy. d) During photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is given off.
Of the following, which is an example of an inorganic compound?
a) Proteins b) Carbohydrates c) Lipids d) Water
Matter exists in the form of small units called ________.
a) atoms b) cells c) nuclei d) elements
The human body is composed primarily of which of these elements?
a) Hydrogen b) Carbon c) Oxygen d) Nitrogen
Atoms of elements combine chemically to form new substances called ________.
a) mixtures b) solvents c) enzymes d) compounds
Fermentation is a form of respiration that converts ________.
a) glucose to biomass b) energy from glucose c) lactic acid to glucose d) All of the above choices are correct
_________ requires energy to move materials through a cell membrane.
a) Passive transport b) Active transport c) Osmosis d) Facilitated diffusion
Some protein molecules and bacteria must enter cells through the process called endocytosis because ________.
a) they are too large to pass through the cell membrane b) None of the above choices is correct. c) they are too unstable d) they are too small to pass though the cell membrane
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