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When atoms join together, they make __________.
a) Molecules b) Compounds c) Crystallines d) Mixtures
____________ is the energy of moving particles
a) Kinetic energy b) Brownian motion c) Solid d) Matter
The transfer of energy between particles is called _______.
a) Heat b) Temperature c) Kinetic energy d) Diffusion
As temperature increases, ____________.
a) Kinetic energy increase b) Kinetic energy decreases c) Solid form d) The melting point occurs.
Solids whose particles are not in a repeating geometric shape are considered ______________.
a) Amorphous b) Crystalline c) To be at a high temperature d) To be melting
When a gas becomes a liquid, particles must ____________.
a) Condense b) Melt c) Freeze d) Vaporizing point
When a liquid becomes a gas, kinetic energy ____________
a) increases b) decreases c) stays the same d) I have no idea!
The freezing point is a ____________ at which freezing happens.
a) temperature b) time c) place d) liquid
When particles of a solid are arranged in neat and orderly patterns, they are said to be ___________.
a) Crystalline b) Noncrystalline c) Who knows!? d) Melting
The motion of moving particles is __________.
a) Brownian motion b) kinetic energy c) heat d) temperature
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