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This part controls the amount of light passing through to the slide.
a) Diaphragm b) Objective Lenses c) Stage d) Ocular lens
Parts you must hold on to when carrying the microscope.
a) Body Tube b) Coarse Adjustment Knob c) Arm and base d) Stage
Part that you look through, also called the eyepiece.
a) Objective Lenses b) Ocular Lens c) Diaphragm d) Light Source
Used to focus the image.
a) Coarse Adjustment Knob b) Diaphragm c) Ocular Lens d) Fine Adjustment Knob
Used to bring the specimen into view, but never used on high magnification.
a) Coarse Adjustment Knob b) Diaphragm c) Ocular Lens d) Fine Adjustment Knob
Different powers of magnification.
a) Diaphragm b) Light Source c) Objective Lenses d) Ocular Lens
Where you place the slide.
a) Stage Clips b) Ocular Lens c) Light Source d) Stage
The part that turns and holds the objective lenses.
a) Coarse Adjustment Knob b) Nose Piece c) Body Tube d) Arm
The magnification of the ocular lens.
a) 4x b) 10x c) 40x d) 100x
The total magnification of the ocular lens and the lowest power objective.
a) 4x b) 10x c) 40x d) 100x
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