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breaks down food into nutrients that the body can use
a) immune b) cardiovascular c) digestive d) nervous
removes liquid waste from the body and maintains water balance
a) urinary b) muscular c) endocrine d) integumentary
support system whose bones protect organs, produce red and white blood cells, and work with muscles to produce movement
a) digestive b) skeletal c) muscular d) respiratory
carries messages to and from the spinal cord and brain and all other parts of the body
a) endocrine b) integumentary c) respiratory d) nervous
carries nutrients, hormones, gases, and cellular wastes throughout the body
a) cardiovascular b) respiratory c) digestive d) endocrine
provides the body with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide produced as waste
a) endocrine b) integumentary c) respiratory d) cardiovascular
maintains posture and provides motion
a) skeletal b) muscular c) immune d) integumentary
fights off pathogens and removes harmful organisms from the blood
a) endocrine b) immune c) urinary d) nervous
covers and protects the body
a) muscular b) endocrine c) nervous d) integumentary
produces hormones and controls many body activities
a) cardiovascular b) nervous c) endocrine d) muscular
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