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_________ are highly developed societies
a) Settlements b) Communities c) Civilizations d) Culture
___________ is a society ruled by religious leaders
a) Democracy b) Theocracy c) Monarchy d) Dictatorship
Mayan priests’ interest in astronomy led to the creation of a __________
a) a book of rules b) cave paintings c) human sacrifices d) 365-day calendar
_________ are pictures or symbols that are used to represent words, sounds, or concepts
a) Hieroglyphics b) Artifacts c) Astrolabe d) Caravel
The ________ empire grew into a military empire.
a) Maya b) Aztec c) Inca d) Olmec
Which was the largest of the early civilizations?
a) Maya b) Aztec c) Inca d) Olmec
Marco Polo’s book, Travels, described his travels to ______.
a) China b) Africa c) Asia d) England
The period of intellectual and artistic creativity became known as the __________.
a) Protest Reformation b) Middle Ages c) Enlightenment d) Renaissance
_________ is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
a) Technology b) Astrolabe c) Renaissance d) Mercantilism
________ is an instrument that measured the position of stars; helped sailors determine latitude.
a) Compass b) Astrolabe c) Stern Rudder d) Triangular Sail
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